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A Field Guide to the Faces
Identify typefaces on-the-fly by their salient characteristics.

The Font Foundry
"The Font Foundry is a free online type resource with one of the largest collections of freeware and shareware fonts available." Over 500 fonts.

Goudy International Center for Fonts Technology and Aesthetics
The first worldwide independent resource center for dissemination of information about type, its history, development, and its use in documents.

Internet Type Foundry Index [May be defunct.]

Serif & Pixel Press's Calligraphy Resources
Access to calligraphers and materials as well as samples of calligraphic books to demonstrate calligraphic typesetting.

& Type
Dedicated to good typography, fonts and type techniques.

Typography Web Site
The purpose of the Microsoft Typography Web site is to explain the benefits and features of TrueType, the world's most popular digital font format, used by millions of Windows and Macintosh users every day.

Type Foundry Pages

Adobe Systems Inc.
The world's broadest selection of high-quality Type 1 type, available in Adobe Font Folio, Adobe Type Basics, Adobe Type Browser, Adobe Type On Call, and Adobe WebType, and type utilities including Adobe Type Manager Deluxe, Adobe Type Reunion.

Agfa Monotype

Bersearch Information Services
The Clearinghouse for International Computing.

Bitstream Inc.
Publishing and management solutions for professionals in the design and electronic communications field.

Castcraft Software Inc.

Castle Systems
The Castle Type Library is undoubtedly one of the most diverse collections, with many art deco revivals, classic type styles inspired by ancient sources, non-alphabetic decorative fonts, an ever-growing selection of beautiful Cyrillic display faces available nowhere else, as well as many Castle Originals.

Custom Font Center
A unique and valuable website for publishers with unique typeface requirements. This site illustrates the importance of custom fonts for the publishing industry.

Deniaer Systems
Give your documents a sense of history and design with high quality symbol fonts that span the ages.

DS Design

A digital type foundry, publisher and distributor of graphic design related software and printed materials based in Northern California.

The Font Bureau Inc.
An independent digital type foundry located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fonts Online

Font World Inc.

Most of the fonts are created by professional designers and art students from countries around the world including Australia, Canada, Iceland, Italy, Germany and Singapore.

The Hoefler Type Foundry Inc.
A design studio in New York specializing in the development of original typefaces.

House Industries
The most popular font collections begin where display type should — as pencil sketches on paper. Only after diligent House Industries artists have carefully finessed each complete character set in pen and ink does it enter the digital realm.

Image Club Graphics
A division of Adobe Systems Inc.

International Typeface Corp.

Jonathan Macagba

Letraset USA


Mainz Workshop
Historical typefaces, and sometimes manuscript hands. Currently, the typeface collection is not large but unique.

Match Software Font Foundry Catalog
Match Software offers an exclusive collection of original fonts created by Michel Bujardet for Desktop Publishing, Word Processing, Prepress, Education, and foreign languages.


Dennis Ortiz-Lopez Co.

Prototype Experimental Foundry

Psy/Ops Type


Ragnarok Press / The Scriptorium


Tiro Typeworks


TypeArt Foundry
Samples of original Truetype and Type 1 fonts.

Type Arts

Jack Yan and Associates

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