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Amish quilts and wall hangings
An on-line catalog of traditional Amish quilts and wall hangings. Dozens of styles are available, as well as custom ordering. Also there is a biography of many of the Amish people who are making the quilts. This site is a division of Folk Art & Craft Exchange, which is available in both English and Spanish.

Antiques AtoZ
This site has been designed as an interactive forum of services and resources for dealers, collectors, and connoisseurs of fine antiques of all styles and periods. Some rare book resources and stores are found here.

Pages by or about interesting authors. Reach out and touch or discuss an author.

A free monthly law-book review "zine" that provides a "Book Notices" section, listing forthcoming law-related books published by trade & university presses, a "Book Review" section, featuring seven to ten reviews of currently published law-related trade or university press books, written by prominent American and foreign judges, law professors and legal practitioners, a "Publishers" section, listing major trade and university presses that publish law-related literature, with contact information and hyperlinks to Web sites and a "Past-Perfect" section, that "republishes" a famous book review of the past, followed by commentary by a contemporary expert in the area at issue.

BookBrowser: the Guide for Avid Readers
A collection of fiction reading lists. Lists include sequels listed in the order in which they should be read, book reviews, Mars in Fiction and much more. The site was begun and is maintained by librarians.

The Borzoi Reader
Offers excerpts from many of the story and poetry collections, novels, and works of nonfiction which Knopf will publish, and introduces the authors with biographies, photographs, and interviews.

The Censorship Pages
Information about the freedom of speech, and of the press in reference to the written word. These pages provide the resources needed to explore how, and why, censorship happens not only in the United States, but all around the world.

The Chapel Perilous
"A Modest Collection of Rouch Tales and Artistic Endeavors by Morally and Philosophically Corrupt Personages." A renaissance of art, absinthe & severed heads plus more.

Genealogy & Heraldry Resources
A selection of genealogical resources on the web as well as interesting genealogical publications.

Gilbert and Sullivan Archive Home Page
Everything you wanted to know about Gilbert & Sullivan, from librettos to festivals.

"A Boke of Gode Cookery is an award-winning Medieval History website dedicated to the food & feasts of the Middle Ages & Renaissance. Here you will find information on Medieval cooking, instructions for preparing authentic feasts, hundreds of recipes, image collections, a Medieval cooking discussion group, graphics, photographs, and history resources."

UNRSL Helicorder Camera
Seismologic data from the University of Nevada updated every minute and archived. Check out earthquakes as they happen.

Ikons: Windows into Heaven
Here you can learn the history and meaning of Orthodox Christian ikons and the craft of ikonography. Then you can explore the ikon art of Bob Atchison.

The Labyrinth
"The Labyrinth is a global information network providing free, organized access to electronic resources in medieval studies through a World Wide Web server at Georgetown University. The Labyrinth's easy-to-use menus and hypertext links provide automatic connections to databases, services, and electronic texts on other servers around the world."

The Literary Web
Literary fiction and poetry sites annotated and compiled by graduate students in Information Science at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Murphy Ties
The Murphy Company designs, produces, and markets hand-dyed silk neckties. Unusual silks are imported, and designs are created by both partners, Michael and Michelle Murphy, a father and daughter team.

Newspapers On-line
We have constructed a list of on-line newspapers from around the world for your convenience. We will continue to add more links to this page as we find them.

Parabola Magazine is published quarterly by the Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition. It includes original articles and interviews on mythology, spiritual practice, religious tradition, literature, popular culture, science, and the arts; retellings of traditional stories, myths, and fairy tales; poetry and occasional short fiction and photo essays; book reviews, comments on contemporary film, theater, music, art, and events; and artwork ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

Readers' and Writers' Resource Page
A wealth of links and resources for writers and readers of books that are both enjoyable and very useful. Like so many of the best web pages this one is a work of love -- no fancy graphic design or multimedia tricks, just good content.

The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
Dedicated to the digital preservation of Tibetan texts. This site includes digital image repository and a Web-based database of Tibetan books, people, and history.

The Ultimate Tom Swift Collector's Guide
"The World Wide Web's most comprehensive source of information on the famous and collectable young adult book series, Tom Swift. Created by Edward Stratemeyer, four generations of young readers have thrilled to these stories about a young scientist and his amazing inventions."

Wheeze and Squeeze: Bagpipes of the World
Everything you wanted to know about bagpipes, and more, including some publication information. For access to the world of another pariah instrument check out the accordian page!

Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
This interdisciplinary inquiry explores the mystery behind the smile, and features original Da Vinci music, an interactive quiz, and a dozen Da Vinci diversions. Created by inner-city multiethnic students using 15 year old computers and a telephone line to the Internet.

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