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Who Needs MSP?

MSP is for small book publishers looking to establish a professional, functional, easy to use, and inviting online presence at low cost in order to better communicate with readers, press, distributors, and other customers and partners.

MSP is also for small book publishers looking to improve their existing site. With all the features and the low cost, you can enhance your existing site to better serve readers, authors, distributors, and reviewers. You will save money and reduce technical headache to boot. Migration of existing information involves simple data entry.

Why Would You Want MSP?

Business Benefits


Comparison with Traditional Alternative

Literary Hub MSP Site built by consultant or in-house tech person
Setup Cost $1500 $5000 - $15000
Setup Time From 10 minutes to several hours 2 to 8 weeks
Ongoing Operation Cost per Month $100 to $500 $20 to $200
Cost of Labor Cheap (human resource with no technical skills) Expensive (technically skilled designer or developer)
Cost of Information Updates Free $100 to several thousand dollars per set of changes
When Changes Take Effect Instantly One day to several weeks
Configurability Extensive Extensive
Ease of Operation Simplicity itself Relatively easy
Hosting Included in cost You provide hosting or pay consulting firm's partner to provide hosting
Functionality Robust set of features with great interactivity Bare bones and almost purely catalog-ware with little interactivity

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Get MSP now!! Setup is quick and easy. The cost is minimal. Start serving your readers, authors, distributors, and reviewers better today. Contact us with questions or to sign up. Call or email us to receive a Powerpoint presentation with additional business benefits and a detail sheet with technical information. We are also happy to give live online web demonstrations.

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