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What is MSP?

The Literary Hub Marketing System for Publishers (MSP) is a self-serve, easy to use content management system enabling publishers to efficiently manage book metadata, book content, communication with readers and business partners, community amongst readers and press, and transactional commerce. MSP provides a professional public face for publishers and creates a central place for publishers to store and update their information.

MSP is a turnkey solution requiring no hardware or software beyond what most people have already. Check out:

MSP Benefits for You

See your business benefits and comparative MSP advantage, with a PDF printable product sheet.

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Marketing System demonstration

To try out the product. We give one-on-one web demonstrations. Contact us (see below) to find out more. You will need a username and password to really see the administrative features. We are happy to supply the necessary information for you to learn more about the product and evaluate it.

Get MSP now

Setup is quick and easy. The cost is minimal. Start serving your readers, authors, distributors, and reviewers better today. Contact us with questions or to sign up. Call or email us to receive a Powerpoint presentation with additional business benefits and a detail sheet with technical information. We are also happy to give live online web demonstrations.

Wellie Chao, email: wchao@literaryhub.com
Nick Grandy, email: ngrandy@literaryhub.com

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Books AtoZ is our partner for complete book production and digital graphics support. Working together Literary Hub and Books AtoZ can provide all necessary publishing services to publishers and authors.

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