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Instant Book™ With Books AtoZ

Books AtoZ’s Instant Book™ service can offer you dependable and inexpensive access to On-Demand book printing of your title. We have two Instant Book™ packages available, depending on how professional you need your book to look. For as little as $300 you can have your book in print and available to be purchased within a few weeks. Decide which package you want, fill in the form below and we do the rest. Your title will be listed for purchase at Books AtoZ, Ingram Books, Baker and Taylor, and Booksurge™. Orders will be taken for you and your royalties sent promptly. All you need to do is get the word out and send people to your order site; no books to store, no orders to take, no packing or shipping. All books will be printed in black ink on standard white paper, and with perfect binding in paperback format.

Package I — Generic Book

Our entry level publishing option only requires your final, edited text. Using standard templates and common fonts our staff will typeset your book and supply a standard cover. We need your title, author’s name and publishing company name if desired. Ideal where the design is less important than getting a book into print at lowest cost. No design and text changes allowed. We supervise the entire production and provide basic quality control of your text.
$300 Total Cost

Package II — Custom Designed Book

For a better book we will custom design your pages and type and create a professional cover to suit it. Art and photos can be scanned and included. You receive page proofs and can correct the text and design. Custom books are important when you want to sell your book in stores and need an eye-catching book. The design fee is a one-time charge that supplies high quality master files. Complete, professional quality control at no extra cost.