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Package I: Generic Instant Book™

Package I — Generic Book

Our entry level publishing option only requires your final, edited text. Using standard templates and common fonts our staff will typeset your book and supply a standard cover. We need your title, author's name and publishing company name if desired. Ideal where the design is less important than getting a book into print at lowest cost. No design and text changes allowed. We supervise the entire production and provide basic quality control of your text. A copy will be sent you when it is finished. (Extra copies can also be ordered in the form below.)
$300 Total Cost

About Yourself:

Publishing Company Name
E-mail Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address

State and ZIP

Information About Your Book Project:

Please ship your book on ZIP or CDR format disks and include all files, graphics and fonts. Your text files can be sent as RTF, major word processor, Quark Xpress or PageMaker files. Supply a complete printout of the book, including placement of blank pages. The customer is responsible for the quality of all graphics and other supplied files. Please contact us in advance to determine possible conflicts. Problems found by our pre-press quality control will be returned to the customer for correction.

How many pages does your book have?
(Must be divisible by 4 — minimum 80 pages to bind properly)
How many extra copies do you want for yourself?
What is the page size you want?
5.5" x 8.5"  8.5" x 11"
(All pages are vertical — other sizes available at additional cost)
Are there illustrations?
Yes No
(All artwork must fit within the page margins and be of appropriate resolution. To have artwork or photos scanned by Books AtoZ please request a bid in the "additional questions" window at the end of this form.)
The author is responsible for obtaining all copyright permissions required.
Are the illustrations:
Line Art (600 dpi minimum)
Photo scans (300 dpi)
Do you need cover design? ($350 minimum fee)
Yes No
Is your book completely edited and ready to produce?
Yes No
Book Price (Minimum $14.95)
What computer program and file type did you use?
We strongly suggest saving your text files as .RTF (Rich Text Format) if you are unsure about compatability.
Please fill in any additional questions or comments here:

Credit Card Authorization
Credit Card


Expiration Date
Billing Name on Card
Billing Address
(if not as registered above — Address, state, ZIP)
I authorize these charges to the card given above
Basic Instant Book™ ($300)
Custom Cover Design ($350, plus extras requested during production)
Add  Extra Copies (at $5-15 each depending on size & length)
Scans as shown in estimate number from Books AtoZ

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