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Editing and Writing Services

Books AtoZ has experienced editors and writers to correct or create your book project. Good editing is essential to having a successful publication and should always be done prior to page layout.


I need my book written from my materials.


For editing purposes one standard page is an 8.5" x 11" page in 12 point type double spaced with normal margins. Please submit RTF or text files unless you have prior confirmation that we accept your word processor files. You can send your files as attachments to an email after finishing the credit card form below and contacting us for the email address.

Light copyedit: Few spelling and gramatical errors. Good sentence structure. Story flows logically and coherently. $4.50/page

Medium copyedit: Moderate spelling and gramatical errors. Sentence structure needs to be worked on/cleaned up. Minor problems with flow of story. $5.50/page

Heavy copyedit: Work is riddled with spelling and gramatical errors. Sentence structure needs a lot of clean up work. Flow and coherency of work needs definite restructuring. $7.00/page

Once we receive your copy we will supply a delivery date for the corrected text.

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