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Copyright Information and Attorneys

  The Books AtoZ Copyright Info and Tips Page

  Copyright in visual arts

  The Copyright Website

  Electronic Frontier Foundation
"Intellectual Property Online: Patent, Trademark, Copyright" archive.

  Faegre & Benson: Internet Legal Issues
Articles on Internet legal issues.

  Hassett, Cohen, Beitchman & Goldstein, LLP
Information on Copyright, Trademark, Computer, Internet, Corporate and entertaiment law plus more. They also provide the InternetLegal Report, a monthly email report on legal issues.

  Nolo Press
Some tips on various legal matters by a publisher of self help legal information.

  Publishing Law Center
Loaded with articles on copyright, trademark, fair use, public domain, electronic rights and other issues of concern to the publishing community.

  The United States Copyright Office

  Web Law FAQ
Here are some frequently asked questions relating to the World Wide Web.

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