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Comic Books

The Basil Wolverton Home Page
Heroes, Humor, and Horror.

Cavewoman is a great new comic book created and drawn by Budd Root. Don't judge this book by its cover. Not just another "Bad Girl" book, but an exciting trip into the Earth's prehistoric past for Meriem and her readers.

Dreambound, The Angelic Assassin
A comedy adventure about a hitman for God that's always saving Heaven from the evil schemes of Satan (and itself).

Flaming Carrot Comics
It's nice to see Bob Burden is still around. One of the oldest independent comics (did you see the Cerebus/Flaming Carrot crossover?).

The Weird World of Glen Baxter
"Despite public health warnings, publishers continue to inflict his work upon the quaking masses thronging in the streets of our major cities."

Comic Strips

The Dilbert Zone
The Dilbert Zone offers many chuckles and opportunities to purchase.

The Parking Lot is Full
"Welcome to the official homepage of the most terrifying comic strip on earth."...
A hodgepodge of strange, disturbing and comical ideas come together here to make The Parking Lot is Full. With the input and influences of many creative people, there are a wide variety of jokes and drawings, that are what we see today as the finished product. AND, they make no bones about telling you everything; where the ideas came from, the stages they went through, who is responsible; in a nutshell, everything.

RibMan: Superhero To The Superheroless
RibMan is a dim-witted Superhero that lampoons the superhero genre.

Comic Stores

All About Books & Comics
"All About Books & Comics has been serving the Phoenix Area for over 20 years, providing one of Arizona's largest selections of used books, new comics, comic back issues and gaming supplies." Also offering worldwide mail order service.

All Star Comic Books
A nice collection of comics and comic supplies. Also available are trading cards and games. Links to comic related Usenet groups and other resources.

Independent Comics Catalog
A huge list of independent comics, prices ranging from $2.00 to around $50.00, including hard to find comics and signed editions.

Mile High Comics
With over six million comics online, they cover all areas of the entertainment spectrum, and write firsthand news articles about Marvel before anyone else on the net.


Animation of Heaven & Hell in 3-D
A look at animation that deserves to be better known. Come with me to worlds both beautiful and terrible, naive and intricate. Curl up with the heavenly goodness and naivete of Art Clokey's Davey & Goliath or George Pal's Puppetoons, or be disturbed by the hellish visions of Jan Svankmejer and his "sons" The Brothers Quay. Better still, come back to the very beginning, with the amazing inventor of "puppet films", Ladislas Starevich!

Behavioral Animation
Behavioral animation is a type of procedural animation, which is a type of computer animation. In behavioral animation an autonomous character determines its own actions, at least to a certain extent. This gives the character some ability to improvise, and frees the animator from the need to specify each detail of every character's motion. Here you can learn more about behavioral animation, and there are lots of links to other sites about behavioral animation or that use it.

Ren and Stimpy
Lots of different sounds of Ren and Stimpy, downloadable for your listening enjoyment.


Asiapac Publishers
Asiapac publishes material on Asian culture and art in comic book form, much like the "Classic Comics" of the 1950s. They utilize the ease with which people read comics and the rich graphic medium to cover a variety of useful subject matter.

Fantagraphics Books
Publishers of Jim and Hate, among others. You can order comics on-line and there is also a submission guidelines area. They also publish The Comics Journal, the closest thing to a critical review in the field.

indy Magazine
indy Magazine is a bimonthly print publication dedicated to the coverage of alternative comic books and film. With news, reviews, interviews, editorials, show reports, and more, readers get complete coverage of the most worthwhile comics and film being created today.

Mojo Press
Comic book publisher of Dead Heat, Behold The Man, The Wild West Show and many others. The website has information on ordering, a mailing list, forthcoming books and company information. The site is available in both frames and nonframes versions.

Sirius Entertainment
Comic book publishers of: Angry Christ Comics, Animal Mystic, Dawn, Fang, Poison Elves, Safety-Belt Man, Enchantments, Akiko, and Vaelber Saga.

Self Publishing Comics

Comic Book Industry Addresses
A list of comic book industry addresses, with links to some homepages.

DEGA Studios: Creating Comics
An index of writing links, illustrating links, lettering links, submitting links, self-publishing links, mainstream self-publishing , small press self-publishing, networking and support links, newsgroups, mailing Lists, APA's, miscellaneous related links and other related pages.

The How-To Guide to Comics
Drawing, Writing, Comic strips, Working for comic book publishing companies, Self-publishing comics, Small-Press Comics and Zines, Other useful web-link pages and Miscellanious information.

Xeric Foundation
The Xeric Foundation assists comic book creators with some of the costs of self-publishing their work.


AAA Aardvark - WraithSpace Comics Index
An enormous index of comic and comic related sites, literally hundreds of listings. [Appears to be defunct.]

Dark Side of the Web: Dark and Gothic Comics
A long list of links to dark and Gothic comics such as The Crow, Hellblazer, Vampirella and HelL.A.


The Annotated Watchmen
An annotated version of Moore and Gibbons' Watchmen graphic novel. "The Annotated Watchmen was written for several reasons. The series is packed with detail, more so than almost any other, and much of that detail is easily missed. Much of the background of the world is not given straight out, but has to be inferred. There are several ongoing motifs that are worth spotting. My goal in annotating the series is to highlight and explain all these points."

FDR Cartoon Archive
A collection of political cartoons from the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources
Comic book links, reviews, resources, message boards and FAQ as well as their favorites.

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