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Caught By Alaska! by Jack Jeffries is a thrilling collection of illustrated stories about the last of the pioneer days in Alaska from mining and fishing to war in the Aleutians.

Hara Publishing, Lynnwood, WA.

Tulipmania by Stephen Herold. The story of tulips through history and of the world famous Tulip Festival in Washington's Skagit Valley. Four color photos throughout.

Celestial Arts, Berkeley, CA.

Malaria by Norma Mohr is a well-researched book that not only gives the history of malaria and its known ravages in the Third World, but also documents its recent episodes in the United States.

Serif & Pixel Press, Seattle, WA.

Harmony's Secret Harvest by Yvan Micholt. The account of a spiritual quest from Europe to India where the author discovered the identity between ancient truths and modern science.

Heavenly Publishing, Ninove, Belgium.

On Behalf of My Clients by Stuart G. Oles is a charming biography of a legal career that touches on many interesting public projects and figures in the Northwest.

Cape St. Mary Books, Seattle, WA.

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