Science and the Artist's Book
Science and the Artist's Book is an exhibition which explores links between scientific and artistic creativity through the book format. In 1993, the Smithsonian Institution Libraries and the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) invited a group of nationally recognized book artists to create new works of art based on classic volumes from the Heralds of Science collection of the Dibner Library of the History of Science and Technology, a part of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries' Special Collections. The resulting artist's books, each inspired by the subject, theories or illustrations of the landmark works of science with which they are paired, offer a number of witty, imaginative, and even poignant insights into the creative side of scientific research.

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The Yale Review of Books
This is the online edition of a new magazine started by undergraduates this year at Yale. They review all sorts of books that might be of interest to the Yale community, five times a year. All reviews are posted on the site.

Of Ages Past: The Online Magazine For Historical Fiction
The only monthly magazine, on or off the net, dedicated to Historical Fiction. Issues feature short stories, novel excerpts, book reviews, and articles on the art of writing and history. Authors have a message board, and readers can offer story feedback. Site also includes numerous writing and history-related links.

Grave Matters
Grave Matters sell new, used and out of print mystery and detective fiction, mystery reference materials and back issues of mystery magazines. They specialize in mystery reference materials, signed first editions, Sherlockiana and vintage paperbacks. They publish frequent catalogs and generate customized lists for mail-order sales. They also attend several mystery conventions each year, displaying books for sale to convention attendees. A convention schedule can be found on their site.

Amateur Photographers Association
A free organization for anyone who loves photography, amateur or professional. It was founded in October 1997 by Annie Covino. The site now hosts a monthly member gallery, an award recognizes Photo Excellence in a web page, message board, chat room and more. Well-designed and and lots of information.

Electric Minds
One of the many communities on CommunityWare that invites creative, fun-loving people to share in the art of online conversation. The topics discussed in Eminds conferencing are the most exciting on the web, covering everything from current events, to gardening, to technology. Come be a part of a socially intriguing virtual community. Some relating to the book industry include Fiction Writers Connection, New Chelm and Writers Haven.

BookBrowser: the Guide for Avid Readers
A collection of fiction reading lists. Lists include sequels listed in the order in which they should be read, book reviews, Mars in Fiction and much more. The site was begun and is maintained by librarians.

Prufrock Press
The leading publisher for the education of the gifted and offers an exciting line of books, magazines and research journals supporting gifted education.

The Well Bookshop
An Australian independent bookseller, which specialises in Australian titles, Travel, Well-being and more. Active Channel for IE4 users, book club recommendations, competitions, bestseller lists, awards and more!

A free monthly law-book review "zine" that provides a "Book Notices" section, listing forthcoming law-related books published by trade & university presses, a "Book Review" section, featuring seven to ten reviews of currently published law-related trade or university press books, written by prominent American and foreign judges, law professors and legal practitioners, a "Publishers" section, listing major trade and university presses that publish law-related literature, with contact information and hyperlinks to Web sites and a "Past-Perfect" section, that "republishes" a famous book review of the past, followed by commentary by a contemporary expert in the area at issue.

Thomas Hardy Resource Library
A site devoted to the life and works of Thomas Hardy. Whether you are a scholar, a student, or you just enjoy reading Hardy, you'll find something of value here.

ODL Online
The home page of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, the state library of Oklahoma, serving the information and records management needs of state government, assisting with public library development, coordinating library and information technology projects for the state, and serving members of the general public through our specialized collections.

Art Guide Northwest
The essential guide to galleries, museums, and antiques in the Pacific Northwest. Here you will find upcoming visual arts events for the region, a complete directory of Western Washington galleries and museums with links to their sites, museum pages include images and current schedules, directory of artists shown at the featured galleries and museums, a guide to the region's fine antiques, and maps showing you the location of the galleries, antique dealers, and museums listed in Art Guide Northwest.

The Colophon Book Shop
Booksellers specializing in books about books, history of printing, typogrpahy, calligraphy, book design, papermaking, bookbinding, book collecting both in-print and antiquarian. They also feature a large stock of modern literary first editions, mysteries and detective fiction, and science fiction. Very nicely designed.

Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
This interdisciplinary inquiry explores the mystery behind the smile, and features original Da Vinci music, an interactive quiz, and a dozen Da Vinci diversions. Created by inner city multiethnic students in using 15 year old computers and a one telephone line to the Internet.

StoryTellers Challenge
StoryTellers Challenge presents you with writing challenges. Someone once said that we each have at least one book inside ourselves. Well, if not a complete book, then maybe a few good paragraphs about other places and other times.

indy Magazine
indy Magazine is a bimonthly print publication dedicated to the coverage of alternative comic books and film. With news, reviews, interviews, editorials, show reports, and more, readers get complete coverage of the most worthwhile comics and film being created today.

Wit's End Book Store
Where you will find a most delightful collection of books and teas. Each book is an employee's personal choice. Tea selection includes black, flavored, oolong, green, speciality and herbal teas. Events include music concerts, readings and lectures.

Manic D Press
Carrying more than 40 critically-acclaimed titles of cutting edge fiction, poetry, and comix by emerging and established writers and artists, Manic D Press offers Devil Babe's Big Book of Fun by Isabel Samaras, Alibi School by Jeffrey McDaniel and Satan's Anal Bullwhip by Jim Todd. Be sure to check out their Readings & Events Page.

A UK publisher providing us with fiction, fiction classics, poetry classics, non-fiction, reference, biography, film, health and lifestyle, gardening, cookery, music, and children's books. They also provide news of literary concern.

The Chapel Perilous
"A Modest Collection of Rouch Tales and Artistic Endeavors by Morally and Philosophically Corrupt Personages." A renaissance of art, absinthe, severed heads plus more.

The Booksmith
San Francisco's leading independent bookstore, the Booksmith has been in business more than 20 years. Here you can find sale books with discounted from 40% to 90%, an events calendar with all of the planned readings for the month, and signed copies of a great selection of new books available at no extra charge. Search an inventory of 60,000+ books, audio tapes and book-related gift-items plus have it shipped to you, worldwide.

Barefoot Books
"Barefoot Books is an independent children's publisher with an emphasis on original, high-quality picture books from traditional cultures all over the world. Full color throughout and printed with the highest production standards, our titles are intended for children and their parents to enjoy and treasure for life."

The New York Review of Books
Esquire magazine once called The New York Review of Books "the premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language." The web site lives up to this standard, with excerpts of up to half the current issue, an archive of back issues that will eventually span 35 years, and the Review's famous classified ads, where lovers of literature find others with similar interests.

Southern Music Company logo

Southern Music Company
In the past 59 years, Southern Music Company has assembled one of the largest inventories of educational music in the world; the company has between 400,000 and 500,000 titles in stock representing over 500 publishers, worldwide. In addition, Southern Music Company publishes over 5,000 music titles.

Victoria Cross 1853-1914
Given only for the most conspicuous gallantry, it remains perhaps the most prestigious and valued decoration for exceptional service in the service of country. The following articles present the history of this decoration up to the beginning of the First World War.

Hard Press
"Our purpose is to promote both established and emerging literary, visual, musical, and theatrical artists by publishing their works in a variety of media. Hard Press is devoted to presenting literature and art of excellence in a manner which stays true to the original intent of the artist while enabling the artist's work to become available to and understood by a broad audience. Our primary editorial focus is collaboration; we encourage a melding of arts traditionally thought to be separate. We encourage and support these projects through a variety of media: books, films, readings, exhibitions, CDs, World Wide Web, CD ROMs, and our magazine lingo: a journal of the arts." [Now defunct.]

The Book Garden Gallery
Selling used and rare books with an emphasis on childrens books, but has a wide array of topics. Be sure to check out Grandpa's Books for more books on more topics and Children Stories for on-line stories told by "Fabler Fox". A well designed site that's both easy to use and fun to browse.

Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution
An interesting look at fairy tales and what they mean. Although the main focus is on the early folk tales and French literary fairy tales, this site is not limited to a specific aspect of fairy tales. It explores what fairy tales are today, and what they where yesterday. We see how the tales we read now have been changed and watered down. Submissions are welcome and encouraged, as to expand these pages to cover more tales, and from more angles.

Internet Public Library
IPL's goals include finding, organizing, and creating quality information resources, creating a fun and easy to use resource with an awareness of the different needs of young people, learning more on what does and does not work on the web and "uphold the values important to librarians, in particular those expressed in the Library Bill of Rights". As well as providing a much needed library on the web, it also fights for the values important to success of libraries on and off the web. They have created and maintain pages on both the Telecommunications Reform Bill and Banned Books Week.

A Small Garlic Press
A Small Garlic Press is a cooperative press that was established in 1995 to help poets and writers publish. It is staffed by volunteers who give their time to prepare book layout and design and assist in providing artwork. They offer their online catalog and many interesting links. They have nice samples, and descriptions of how the chapbooks were made and how they look. Ordering information and lists of stores carrying the books are included.

221b Baker Street: Sherlock Holmes
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories are some of the most well known detective writings there are. Now you can find 48 of the 60 stories here (the others are still protected by US copyright law), as well as a wealth of quotes, pictures, and sound files.

Tales from the Vault
Tales from the Vault is an interactive fiction storytelling and writing site. The storytelling method, sometimes referred to as an "Exquisite Corpse" exercise, gives each reader a chance to take an existing story in whatever direction their imagination suggests to them. During the portion of your segment, you control the destiny of the characters enwrapped in the storyline. Once your segment is added to the story, another may come along and take the tale in a direction you never imagined. There are many stories in each of 10 categories, so just about everyone will be able to find a story to have fun with.

Council on East Asian Libraries
"The objectives of the Council are to serve as a faculty librarians' forum for the discussion of East Asian library problems of common concern, to formulate programs for the development of East Asian library resources, bibliographic controls, and access, and to improve inter-library and international cooperation in East Asian library development and services." A good guide to East Asian libraries, as well as information on how to use the East Asian web effectively.

Tabby House
Tabby House is a highly regarded, nationally-known book packaging and publishing company specializing in helping self-publishing authors and small presses produce mainstream books that will stand up to any competition on the shelves of bookstores and libraries. Spend a few minutes perusing this site and discover how a good book-packager can be the self-publishing author's best friend.

Hard Shell Word Factory
Hard Shell Word Factory is dedicated to bringing writers and readers together in a new, unique way. Here you can buy and sell electronic books. Follow the links at the bottom of their home page for information on how to order and read the books available at this site.

Curious Kiwi Books
Curious Kiwi Books is an on-line bookstore dedicated to helping people locate out-of-print and hard-to-find titles. They search for any title you wish and provide you with availability and price before your order is processed.

Index on Censorship
As a bi-monthly magazine for free speech, Index on Censorship has educated people since 1972. Now you can find them on-line, bringing you information on their current issue, as well as a country by country round-up of free speech abuses, and why censorship is not just someone else's problem.

Literary Kicks
A personal project of Levi Asher's, Literary Kicks was created because it is fun and it is "dedicated to a couple of writers who mean a lot to me." The best unofficial Beat site I have ever seen, with pages on The Beat Generation, Beat Connections in Rock Music, Films About The Beats, and Buddhism : The Beat Religion. Information on all the famous Beat writers like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, William S. Burroughs, Gary Snyder, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso and Michael McClure. There lifes, there relationships to each other and there influence on the world. This site is really packed full of information.

Basement Full of Books
Here you can buy books directly from their authors. Created by Vonda McIntyre and maintained by SFF Net, Basement Full of Books is a public service free to authors and book buyers alike. This site allows a unique opportunity to eliminate the middleman (all transactions are between the readers and the authors) and allows you to ask for special requests, such as an inscription.

The Bent Cover Bookstore
The Bent Cover Book Store in Phoenix, Arizona has an inventory of more than 1/2 million used books -- hardbacks, paperbacks and 1st editions. A very clever and easily navigated web design make it a joy to visit. They have a book search, top ten lists, book reviews, links, a directory by the Valley Independent Booksellers Association, and even a "Bad Joke of the Month".

Biography and Genealogy Master Index
One of the largest repositories of genealogical information on the Web. A good place to start for anyone interested about learning of their history.

Home and Garden AtoZ
As wonderful resource for creating and updating your home and garden, this site provides you with everything you need to know from design and construction to relaxation.

Phantom Bookshop
The Phantom Bookshop specializes in used, rare and out-of-print books with an emphasis on the unusual, weird science, older scientific and related material, a good selection of childrens' titles, as well as books that purport to locate Atlantis, the Ark of the Covenant and other items on the Final Days Biblical prophecy beat.

Poems by Clyde Sanborn
These pages are in memory of the poet Clyde Sanborn, who drowned near his home on the Skagit River in March, 1996. He was only 47 but already a clear voice drawing images of life and feeling. Some of his illustrations are included, and a link to a memorial page created by his family. This page shows how easily the Web can give voice to poetry which hitherto has been so limited in its reach.

Inkspot is a resource for writers offering newsletters for writers, tips and tricks, links to other resources on the web. Very well done with lots of valuable information. [May be defunct.]

The Publishing Resource
A fine page of publishing resources and samples by publishing consultant Pat Soberanis in San Francisco. Links are included for printed books, web pages and computer utilities and resources. Useful and well organized.

Antiques AtoZ
This site has been designed as an interactive forum of services and resources for dealers, collectors, and connoisseurs of fine antiques of all styles and periods. We are, of course, very happy with this site since it is a creation of Books AtoZ. We intend to bring all the resources about antiques together as we did for the publishing industry and book trade.

Readers' and Writers' Resource Page
A wealth of links and resources for writers and readers of books that are both enjoyable and very useful. Like so many of the best web pages this one is a work of love -- no fancy graphic design or multimedia tricks; just good content. Jane Austin is featured at this time.

Internet Underground Music Archive
Music publishing comes of age with this innovative site that lets you learn and hear many bands you might never otherwise discover. Good graphics worth paying attention to.

Publishers on the Internet
Faxon Publishing has created a fairly complete list of publishers who have web pages. Nothing much to look at and offering no cool new features, this list is nevertheless a very useful tool to anyone trying to contact publishers on the web.

Gamelan was designed by EarthWeb's Java developers as a service to the Java development community. It is an archive of Java applets for review and consideration. If you want to know what is happening with Java development this is a good place to start.

Bookbuilders West
The new site for one of the most dynamic publishing organizations in America.

Christ in the Desert
A southwest monastery turns colorful medieval manuscript styles into web pages. Unique and most eye catching.

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